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Why learn about NFTs

The world of NFT technology is still in its infancy – yet there is so much to learn. How individuals and businesses utilize NFTs is still being explored. Despite what some may think, NFTs are not a fad. Fads spike fast, and fade. The NFT space will continue to evolve, ebb, and flow. Yet, like most technologies, it’s best to become knowledgeable now!

Benefits of learning with TechCircle

As we experience breathtaking advancements in emerging technology, TechCircle serves as the leader to learn from about tech advancements and how to apply them. We are first, experts in developing training. Our courses are comprehensive and engaging as we help each learner comprehend and retain information.

3 NFT courses available.

NFTs for Beginners

Trying to wrap your head around the digital technology of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) can be frustrating, maybe even overwhelming. Yet, you really want to learn about NFTs, right? If you’re just starting out or looking for some clarity from the clutter of NFT info out there – this beginner’s course is for you. You’ll get a clear overview of what exactly is an NFT. You’ll learn about the connection of NFTs to the Blockchain and cryptocurrency. You’ll also discover the fundamentals of NFTs, crypto wallets and the NFT marketplace, among other valuable insight!

This is an excellent base of knowledge to give you a working understanding of this technology, as well as serve as foundational for courses #2 and #3 – Learning how to buy, sell, and create NFTs!

How to buy and sell NFTs

Want a deeper understanding of how NFTs are powered, bought, and sold? This intermediate course will dig into the details.

Roll up your sleeves and get immersed in learning more about NFTs. Following “NFTs for Beginners,” this second course leads you through a greater insight of the NFT landscape. This includes how they’re powered and managed on the blockchain and bought and sold with cryptocurrency. This course will provide a concentrated level of knowledge to continue your journey in understanding NFTs.

Minting NFTs

Don’t just stand on the sidelines! Join the digital asset marketplace! Learn how to create, mint, and sell your very own NFT.

Ready to mint your own NFT? Following our “NFTs for Beginners” and “How to Buy & Sell NFTs,” we take you through the paces to create and mint your own NFT. There are several steps to get your digital asset ready to sell – but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Soon you can claim that you have your own NFT available to buy!

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