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  • NFTs for Beginners

    If you’re just starting out or looking for clarity from the clutter of NFT info out there – this beginner’s course is for you. This course provi...
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  • How to Buy & Sell NFTs

    Want a deeper understanding of how NFTs are powered, bought, and sold? This intermediate course will dig into the details. Roll up your sleeves and ge...
    Register for course - $99
  • Minting NFTs

    Don’t just stand on the sidelines! Join the digital asset marketplace! Learn how to create, mint, and sell your very own NFT. Ready to mint your own...
    Register for course - $129
  • NFTs – 3 Course Bundle

    Want to learn it ALL? Save $48 by purchasing NFTs—3 Course Bundle! With this bundle, you’ll have access to: NFTs for Beginners, How to Buy & S...
    Register for course - $249

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