How to Buy & Sell NFTs

Want a deeper understanding of how NFTs are powered, bought, and sold? This intermediate course will dig into the details.

Roll up your sleeves and get immersed in learning more about NFTs. Following “NFTs for Beginners,” this second course leads you through a greater insight of the NFT landscape. This includes how they’re powered and managed on the blockchain and bought and sold with cryptocurrency. This course will provide a concentrated level of knowledge to continue your journey in understanding NFTs.

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How to Buy & Sell NFTs

About This Course

This is an intermediate course where we dive deeper into the world of NFTs. This includes understanding what powers them, such as Ethereum, ERC token standards, Decentralized apps (dapps) and smart contracts. We’ll also look at some use cases to get a better understanding of how NFTs can be used.

We’ll take a closer look into the cryptocurrency Ethereum. We’ll look at what exactly it is, how’s it used, and who uses Ethereum. We’ll discuss what is ether, as a native cryptocurrency and fuel that powers Ethereum. We’ll learn about decentralized apps (apps) and how they work with smart contracts. We’ll review NFT token standards and how they have evolved. We’ll discuss real NFT use cases including how industries are being disrupted by NFT technology.

So how to do you buy NFTs? We’ll review it all, including how to secure your NFT investments and tips to avoid scams.  And if you own an NFT, how do you sell it? There are quite a few details to sell an NFT like how to set up an auction and bidding process on a marketplace. It’s important to know the expenses involved with selling NFTs, including crypto gas prices and service fees.

Module 8 includes a course recap, followed by a course quiz. This course preps learners for the third NFT course that TechCircle presents: How to Sell NFTs.

Fast Facts

  • Intermediate NFT course
  • Course length: about 1 hour
  • Review information as often as you want
  • Learn about: Buying & selling NFTs, Ethereum, Dapps, smart contracts, token standards, investing in NFTs
  • Receive TechCircle NFT certification

What You'll Learn

  • Powering NFTs

    Powering NFTs

    They don’t run on their own. But Ethereum, token standards, Dapps, and smart contracts help NFTs function.
  • All about Ethereum

    All about Ethereum

    We’ll dive into understanding Ethereum. What exactly is it? How do we use it? And what is its role with NFTs.
  • Buy, Buy Baby

    Buy, Buy Baby

    Want to own an NFT? There are many to buy. Learn how to buy your won NFT along with securing your investments.
  • Sell, Selling, SOLD!

    Sell, Selling, SOLD!

    Learn the ins & outs of selling on an NFT including setting up an auction and a bidding process on a marketplace.

What You'll Get

  • No-fluff course content

    No-fluff course content

    We get straight to the point, so you don’t sit through hours of useless content.

  • Certificate of completion

    Certificate of completion

    Share on your socials and add to your resume – you’re an NFT pro now!

  • Real-world examples

    Real-world examples

    Learn how people and businesses are making money and innovating with NFTs. Get inspired!

  • A one-stop shop for NFT knowledge

    A one-stop shop for NFT knowledge

    Everything you need to know about NFTs, all in one place.

Course Modules

  • 01

    Introduction to Buying & Selling NFTs

  • 02


  • 03

    Decentralized Apps and Smart Contracts

  • 04

    Token Standards

  • 05

    A Closer Look at NFT Use Cases

  • 06

    Investing in NFTs

  • 07

    Selling NFTs

  • 08

    Course Recap

  • 09

    Quiz: How to Buy & Sell NFTs

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