NFTs – 3 Course Bundle

Want to learn it ALL? Save $48 by purchasing NFTs—3 Course Bundle! With this bundle, you’ll have access to: NFTs for Beginners, How to Buy & Sell NFTs, and Minting NFTs. Each course serves as a building block upon the previous course. Collectively, the 3 courses provide a comprehensive study of the world of NFTs and how they function in today’s economy

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NFTs – 3 Course Bundle

About This Course

If you’re interested in learning about NFTs, including how to buy, sell, and mint, learn it all! Here’s a snapshot of the 3 courses:

You’ll get a clear overview of what exactly is an NFT. You’ll learn about the connection of NFTs to the Blockchain and cryptocurrency. You’ll also discover the fundamentals of NFTs, crypto wallets and the NFT marketplace, among other valuable insights!

What’s the power behind NFTs? You’ll learn about Ethereum, ERC token standards, Decentralized apps (dapps) and smart contracts.

How do you buy NFTs? We’ll review it all, including how to secure your NFT investments and tips to avoid scams.  And if you own an NFT, how do you sell it? – including the marketplace, crypto gas prices and service fees.

Want to mint your own NFT? There’s a 6-step process that takes you from an NFT idea to having it available for purchase on an NFT marketplace. We’ll cover all 6-steps to provide clear understanding and show you how to navigate through each one.

There is an individual quiz and course completion certificate for each of the 3 courses. Each of the courses are available to you to review and reference as often as you like.

Fast Facts

  • Access to 3 NFT Courses
  • About 4 hours of learning
  • Review information as often as you want
  • Start with introduction to NFTs and continue to learn how to buy, sell, and mint NFTs
  • Review certificate of completion for each course

What You'll Learn

  • Fundamental concepts

    Fundamental concepts

    Learn the basics of how NFTs work, including blockchain and cryptocurrency which are needed to buy, sell, and mint NFTs.

  • Buy to Own

    Buy to Own

    Learn all about Ethereum, token standards, Dapps, & NFT marketplace to purchase your own NFT in the digital world.

  • Sell High, Sell Now

    Sell High, Sell Now

    Learn all about how to sell your digital assets on an NFT marketplace, including how to set up an auction and the bidding process.

  • Make a Mint

    Make a Mint

    Learn how to navigate the costs, rules, and implement the 6-step process to mint your own NFT.

What You'll Get

  • No-fluff course content

    No-fluff course content

    We get straight to the point, so you don’t sit through hours of useless content.

  • Certificate of completion

    Certificate of completion

    Share on your socials and add to your resume – you’re an NFT pro now!

  • Real-world examples

    Real-world examples

    Learn how people and businesses are making money and innovating with NFTs. Get inspired!

  • A one-stop shop for NFT knowledge

    A one-stop shop for NFT knowledge

    Everything you need to know about NFTs, all in one place.

Course Modules

  • All modules of each of the 3 courses are included in the bundle. Reference each individual course page for module descriptions.

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Pay for individual course or bundle

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Complete course and receive completion certificate

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